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High Yield strength steel plate description

High Yield Strength Plate has a solid quality, high elasticity and solid structure. These are also used as dumper bodies as malleable plate and frame in substantial street vehicles, crane development, weight vessels, mining and earthmoving equipment, force plants and in structural steels works. High Yield strength steel means the maximum stress that can be applied to the material in the process of yielding.high yield strength steel has lowest yield strength between 380 to 700 N/mm2, good welding resistance and high resistance to brittle fracture.High Yield strength steel plate mainly used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, cold stamping die and other industrial fields.

Europe Germany France Sweden U.K. Canada Japan USA
EN10028-3  DIN 17102 NFA 36201 NFA 35207 MNC 810E BS 4360 CSA G40-21 JIS 3101 ASTM
STE 380 E 375R SS21,42,01 400 W, WT SS540 A572 Gr. 60, 65
WStE380 E 375 FP SS 21,44,01
TStE380 SS 21,45,01
EStE380 A633 grade E
A550 AP, FP AE 410 DD
StE420 E 420 R SS 26,52, 00
WStE420 E 420 FP SS 26,54,11
A590 AP, FP (3116) SPV450 A656 Gr.60,70,80
P460N StE460 E 460 R  55 C, EE (3106) SM570
P460NH WStE460 E 460 FP
P460NL1 TStE460
P460NL2 EStE460

High Yield strength steel plate&sheets delivery condition: Normalize, annealing,tempering,TMCP,PWHT, impact test,Q&T.

Boiler steel plate application:

Structural assemblies (good weldability)
pressure vessels
civilian construction and underground engineering
bridge structures
marine structures
container manufacturing
automotive and machine mahufacturing